Spiderman Pick Up Lines

As soon as you walked in my spidy senses started to tingle, care to explain that lovely lady?

Believe me, I take the 69 to another level.

Did I mention I have radioactive blood?

Don’t leave me hanging, be my date tonight.

Don’t worry, that ain’t web fluid.

Ever used a S#x swing made of spiderwebs?

Every Spider-man needs that special Spider-Woman if you know what I mean?

Girl, I can use my web swinger to pull a train, think about what I could do in bed.

Girl, I wanna shoot my sticky white stuff all over you and keep on swinging.

Girl, this itsy bitsy spider is going to be crawling up your water sprout.

Girl, you are making my web-slinger dry.

Girl, you remind me of a New York City skyscraper, I’d like to shoot my sticky white stuff all over

Have you ever used a sex swing made from spider webs?

Hey girl do you have a place for my peter to park…er?

Hey girl, I’d like to spray my sticky webs all over you.

High five, oops I guess you’re now stuck with me.

How long do I have to wait to see peter parker.

I can take you back to my place baby but be quiet my Aunt May will be downstairs watching

I can take you back to my place baby but be quiet my Aunt May will be downstairs watching Jeopardy.

I can wrap you up in my web anytime you want.

I don’t mind if you get caught in my web every day.

I don’t want to be spiderman, I just want to be your man.

I have a lot of experience catching women who’ve been thrown off their feet, feel free to fall.

I plan to fire off all these web fluids by the time this night is over, care to dance?

I promise you there’s nothing itsy bitsy under this spidy suit

I think you’re about to make my web.

I wanna be a superhero, should I be Spiderman, Batman, or Your man?

I want to love you the way Peter Parker love Gwen Stacy.

I was wandering if you had a place for my peter to par…ker.

I’d spray my webs all over you, girl. All over.

I’ll love you more than Peter Parker loved Gwen Stacy.

If a spider can bite you and make you a Spiderman, can you bite me so I can be your man?

Jeopardy.Girl, you’re like a New York City skyscraper: I wanna shoot my sticky white stuff all over you.

Make my “Spidey Sense” tingle, baby!

Most women say I’m quite Amazing, Spectacular and Sensational in bed.

My spidey senses are tingling for you.

My spidey senses aren’t the only thing that’s tingling…

My spidy senses isn’t the only thing tingling right now

My spidy senses tell me you’re gonna to fall for me like Gwen Stacy did, but don’t worry I’ll catch

My spidy senses tingle for only you.

Once I spray my web on you, girl it’s all over!

Soo.. when do you turn back to Peter Parker?

Sould i be Spiderman, Batman or Yourman?

Spiderman came all the way down here to tell me I dropped his phone number.

Wanna do it on the ceiling?

Want to taste my web?

We could do it on the ceiling, you know (insert wink).

Who want to play with my web slinger?

Why bother driving when we can just swing it.

Why drive when we can swing?

Women usually say I’m Amazing, Spectacular and Sensational in bed.

You can get caught in my web any day.

You must be a bad girl, because my spidey senses sure are tingling south.

You’re going to make me web.

You’re so fly, all I want to do right now is wrap you up and take you to my web.

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