Good Pick Up Lines for Girls

“Do You Like Raisins? How Do You Feel About A Date?”

(Hold out your hand) Hey, I’m going for a walk. Would you mind holding this for me?

A little theatrics and a curious face will make this cute pick-up line even more effective.

After all this time, I thought happiness started with an ‘H.’ I just figured out that it actually starts with ‘U.’

After looking at you for 0.7 seconds, I got a headache. You can get a headache from looking at something that bright.

Allow me to follow you. Because someone told me to follow my dreams.

Are you a campfire? Because you are smoking hot and I want S’more.

Are you a florist? Cause ever since I met you, my life has been Rosey.

Are you a fruit, because Honeydew you know how fine you look right now?

Are you a parking ticket? ‘Cause you’ve got fine written all over you.

Are you a piece of art? Because I’d like to nail you up on my wall. Wow!

Are you a spiritual person? Well, I am at peace when you are around me.

Are you an omelette? Because you’re making me egg-cited!

Are you an orphanage? Cause I wanna give you kids.

Are you my Appendix? Because I have a funny feeling in my stomach that makes me feel like I should take you out.

Are You The Sun? Because You’re So Beautiful It’s Blinding Me.

Aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?

Ask her if you could ask her for directions… When she asks “to where”? Reply “to her heart”?

Ask her to close her eyes then ask “what do you see”? … [Nothing]. That’s my life without you.

Baby you must be a broom, because you swept me off my feet.

Boy: Are you a magnet? Girl: No. Boy: Damn, I’m really attracted to you

Call me your COVID-19 vaccine, ‘coz all I want is to keep you safe.

Can I borrow a kiss, I promise I’ll give it back

Can I say a poem for you? To Adam He gave EveTo Abraham He gave SarahAnd to me, He gave you.

Can I share a story with you? (Go ahead to tell her a story of a man who gave his all to make a woman fall in love with him, Tell her you are that man and she is that woman.)

Can I tell you a secret? Your number is saved in my phone as future “LOML”

Can I tie your shoes? Because I don’t want you falling for others.

Can you pass me an inhaler? Because you just took my breath away.

Can you take me to the doctor? I just broke my leg falling for you.

Did the sun come out or did you just smile at me?

Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Cause you have a pretty sweet butt.

Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I try walking by again?

Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.

Do You Have A Map? I’m Getting Lost In Your Eyes.

Do You Have A Name Or Can I Call You Mine?

Do you have a pencil? Cause I want to erase your past and write our future.

Do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot?

Do you have advanced radiation poisoning? Because you are glowing girl.

Do you have an extra heart? I lost mine watching you.

Do you have an extra parachute? ‘Coz I’m falling for you

Do you know what would look great on you? My arms!

Do you live in a corn field, cause I’m stalking you.

Do you mind if I talk to you? My mother always told me to follow my dreams.

Do you play soccer? Because you’re a keeper!

Even if there was no gravity on planet Earth, I would still fall for you.

Excuse me, do you have the time? I just want to remember the exact minute I got a crush on you.

Excuse me, is your name Earl Grey? Because you look like a hot-tea!

if I were a stop light, I’d turn red every time you passed by just so I could stare at you a little bit longer.

For some reason, I was feeling a little off today. But when you came along, you definitely turned me on.

Girl, are you an omelette? ‘Coz every time I see you I get ‘Eggcited’

Girl, are you SPF? ‘Coz I need you every day

Good thing I have my library card, cause I am definitely checking you out.

Have you been to the doctor’s lately? Cause I think you’re lacking some vitamin me.

Hello, I’m A Thief, And I’m Here To Steal Your Heart.

Hey, I found you! You are the girl of my dreams

Hey, you are forgetting something. Duh! Me!

Hey, you’re pretty and I’m cute. Together we’d be pretty cute.

Hi beautiful! That’s your name, right?

Hi, my friend things you’re cute but I don’t.

Hun, are you a lip balm? ‘Coz you’re sweet, you make me feel pampered and I’m addicted to you

I am no criminal but would you mind keeping an eye on me?

I can see a lot in your eyes, except your name.

I cannot find a suitable word in the dictionary to describe your beauty.

I don’t have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?

I hope you’re planning to stay. I don’t want you to fly back to heaven without me

I hope your day is as radiant as your smile

I know why there are gaps between my fingers—so that you can fill them.

I know, I’ll never have a chance with you but will you give me a chance to hear an angel talk?

I look at you and I can only imagine how blissful my life will be, waking up next to you every morning.

I lost my Teddy bear, will you sleep with me?

I must be in heaven because I am looking at an angel!

I saw a garden this morning and I thought it was the most beautiful ever until I met you.

I saw you walking by and I had to come say hello. I love your style. My name’s (your name).

I Seem To Have Lost My Phone Number. Can I Have Yours?

I think you are absolutely gorgeous. It’s not my fault I fell in love.

I wanna live in your socks so I can be with you every step of the way.

I Was Blinded By Your Beauty… I’m Going To Need Your Name And Number For Insurance Purposes.

I was feeling a little off today, but you definitely turned me on.

I was going to say something really sweet about you, but when I saw you, I became speechless.

I was trying to send you something cute, but I don’t think I can fit in this text box

I was wondering if you had an extra heart. Mine was just stolen.

I wish I was cross-eyed so I could see you twice.

I wish I was your handbag so that I’d always be by your side.

I Wish I Were Cross-Eyed So I Can See You Twice

I’m Fighting The Urge To Make You The Happiest Woman On Earth Tonight.

I’ve been staring at your profile picture for ages. I still can’t stop.

I’d love it even more on my bedroom floor.

I’d say, ‘God bless you,’ but it looks like he already did.

I’m calling the cops! I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to look as good as you do.

I’m certain that when God created you, he was trying to show off.

I’m Not A Hoarder But I Really Want To Keep You Forever.

I’m not a photographer, but I can definitely picture us together.

I’m not currently an organ donor, but I’d be happy to give you my heart.

I’m not usually religious, but when I saw you, I knew you were the answer to my prayers.

I’m really glad I just bought life insurance, because when I saw you, my heart stopped.

I’m Sorry, Were You Talking To Me? [No] Well Then, Please Start.

I’m thirsty, and guess whose body is 75% water?

If a star thought every time I thought of you, the sky would be empty.

If beauty were time, you would definitely be an eternity.

If being sexy was a crime, you’d be in prison for life!

If God made anything more beautiful than you, I’m sure he’d keep it for himself.

If I can’t be with you in reality, then at least let me be with you in dreams.

If I were a cat, I’d spend all nine of my lives with you.

If you let me borrow a kiss, I promise I’ll give it right back.

If you were a Transformer, you’d be Optimus Fine

In this world, there are things that money can’t buy. You seem to be one of them.

Is it getting hot in here? Or is it just our bond that is forming?

Is there an airport nearby or is it my heart taking off?

Is your name Google? Because you have everything I’ve been searching for.

Is Your Name Wi-Fi? Because I’m Really Feeling A Connection.

It’s a good thing I’m wearing gloves because you’re too hot for me to handle.

It’s not fair. You spoil me with expensive gifts every time we meet—butterflies and a smile

Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?

Kiss me now if you think that I got it all wrong. But vampires exist, right?

Let me tie your shoes, cause I don’t want you falling for anyone else.

Like an unsharpened pencil, life without you is pointless!

My friends over there think that you’re cute. But I don’t agree with them. I think you’re absolutely beautiful.

My name is Will… God’s will for you.

My parents said, ‘God bless you.’ It just got real.

Not even Snape could Severus apart.

On a scale of 1 to 10, you are a 9, and I’m the 1 you need. I

Please don’t wear makeup. You would be messing up with perfection then.

Roses are red, violets are blue, both are beautiful, and so are you.

Smile if you wanna take me on a date.

So other than being my walking-talking mood booster, what do you do?

Sorry, but you owe me a drink. [Why?] Because when I looked at you, I dropped mine.

The only thing your eyes haven’t told me is your name.

There is nothing sweeter than the beauty of your face.

There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can’t take them off you.

They say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Well, apparently, no one has ever been standing next to you.

Was that you just smiling at me or the sun just coming out?

Was Your Dad A Boxer? Because Damn, You’re A Knockout!

Was your father an alien? Because there’s nothing else like you on Earth!

Was your mother a thief? ‘Cause someone stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.

We should get some coffee, cause I’m liking you a latte.

We should never play hide and seek. Because it’s difficult to find someone like you.

Whatever you want? … I will freaky for you

When I text you goodnight later, what phone number should I use?

Whenever I count my blessings, I count you multiple times.

Which sweetener would you prefer? Sugar, honey or DATES… with me

Would you mind giving me a pinch? You’re so cute, I must be dreaming.

Would you touch me so I can tell all my friends I was touched by an angel?

Wow, I really love what you are wearing.

Wow, when God made you, he was seriously showing off.

You are cute. You are fine. Can I call you mine?

You are hotter than the bottom of my laptop.

You are pretty, and I am awesome. We can be pretty awesome together.

You are so sweet; you are giving me a toothache.

You are the kind of girl my mom told me to bring to her. Will you like to go see her with me?

You are the one who tripped me.

You cannot be my first, but you can surely be my last.

You don’t need keys to drive me crazy.

You just dropped something… my jaw.

You know what’s smart and pretty? The first word in my question.

You know, I believe that honesty is the best policy, so to be perfectly honest, you’re the sexiest man I’ve ever seen.

You know, I had a pickup line ready to go, but you’re so hot it just left my mind.

You Look So Familiar… Didn’t We Take A Class Together? I Could’ve Sworn We Had Chemistry.

You must be a broom, ‘cause you just swept me off my feet.

You Must Be A Hell Of A Thief Because You Stole My Heart From Across The Room.

You must be debt, because my interest in you is growing.

You’re my Bluetooth device. Thanks for pairing with me!

You’re So Cute It’s Distracting.

You’re like WiFi: You make me want to connect to you.

You’re pretty and I’m damn cute. If we’re together, we would be pretty cute.

Your eyes are beautiful. Are you wearing contacts? (Only say this as long as she is not wearing contacts.)

Your eyes have told me a lot of things. The only thing they haven’t told me is your name.

Your face is perfect… like a well put together piece of art. God did a great job on you.

Your Hand Looks Heavy Can I Hold It For You?

Your Lips Look Lonely Would They Like To Meet Mine?

Your Wi-Fi signals are really strong. I’ve never felt so connected to anyone before.

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