Emo Pick Up Lines

All your black is matching my black today.

All your black is matching today.

Are you death because im so EMO?

Are you life’s meaning? Because I have visions about meeting you one day.

Are you nasty?

Are you waiting impatiently for the reaper to come harvest your soul? Your soul is mine.

Babe I bet you’re tighter than my skinny jeans.

Baby, your face can make MCR get back together.

Can i borrow your eyeliner? I just realized mine isn’t waterproof?

Can you do my eyeliner for me?

Can you help me tease my hair?

Come back to my place and I’ll show you my eyeliner collection.

Come clean me off, I’m so dirty babe.

Come with me baby it’ll be a day to remember.

Do you believe in love at first sight or do you believe life is pointless?

Do you come here often and sit hopelessly under the dim lights of the bar? I might just make your life even more meaningless.

Do you have a mirror in your pocket? I just want to make sure my eyeliner is on thick enough.

Do you know, I count your heartbeats before you sleep?

Do you like heavy metal because I can teach you how to scream.

Do you love breaking stuff? Perhaps we should smash to demolish your pussy tonight.

Do you wanna come over later, to my house, and watch American beauty in the dark?

From your skinny jeans I could see your thighs were made for cheeks to graze.

Girl, I want to live in the trashcan of your hearts.

Girl, would you kill me with your love?

Girl, you are a mess and I am a mess, so why not?

Have you listened to famous last words? cause id like to see you lying next to me in the morning.

he only thing I like darker than you is coffee.

Heavy metal broke my heart, will you mend it?

Hey baby are you a nightmare because I think your gorgeous.

Hey baby are you death? Cause I’m just waiting for you to cum.

Hey girl, let’s date for three months so I can write songs about you for the next 15 years.

Hey Girl! You would make a beautiful corpse.

How about you and I get together and we’ll make our own rebel love emo song.

How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to put me out of this endless torment if it fell on top of me.

I convinced MCR to get back together.

I have something that I do not have. I love him but he is not mine.

I like the way your bangs cover your eyes.

I may not go down in history but I will go down on you.

I might not be a unicorn but you can still ride me.

I see we use the same brand of eyeliner…

I will wear this bright yellow shirt you gave me and pretend it’s black so it can bring a little light to the hole she left.

I will write more songs for than Brendon did for Ryan.

I wish to be the friction in your jeans.

I’ll give you black eyeliner if you have kiss with me.

I’m emo.

I’m fairly local…in your bed.

I’m not a Vampire but i’ll bite your neck like one.

I’m wishing to be the friction in your jeans.

I’M emo, You’re emo! Let’s be emo together.

I’m fairly local…in your bed.

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would probably leave it how it is bc none of this matters, and life is meaningless.

If I had chemical I’d want some romance with you.

If my hair wasn’t covering my eyes right now, I’d be staring at you.

Imma Gerard my Way into your pants.

Is that MP3 player in your pocket or you just happy to see me?

Let us go beat up some emo kids!

Let’s blast Destroya together in my room.

My eyes are not the only thing that is the size of the moon.

My heart isn’t the only thing I want you to be feeling tonight.

My love for you is as deep as the cuts I made on my wrist.

My velocity isn’t the only thing that’s gonna make you sweat tonight.

Nice band shirt I bet it would look better on my bedroom floor.

Nice to meet you; I’m emo.

Planetary (Go..) out with me.

Scared you’ll get hurt like you did last time? darling you’ll be okay, you’re not alone you’re with me.

Tell your lawn that you wish it was emo so it would cut itself.

The only thing I like darker than you is coffee.

Three Two One, I came to fk.

Wanna see my 21″ gun?

Wanna trade mix tapes?

Why don’t you blow me- a kiss before she goes.

You are not Brendon Urie, but you can put my heart beating faster and faster.

You can borrow my eyeliner.

You make my soul a little less black.

You wont be telling me I’m an angel after this.

You’re good, but so was MCR and they broke up.

You’re emo too?! Let us hold each other and sob.

Your eyes are like blood in my veins. They sparkle in the sun.

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