Computer Science Pick Up Lines

me != me]. [me += you].

A life without you, would be like a computer without an OS.

Anonymity makes me even more handsome.

Are u a computer genuis ?🤩

Are u an IT expert?

Are you a computer keyboard? Because you’re my type.

Are you a computer whiz… it seems you know how to turn my software to hardware.

Are you a computer? coz you make my life easier?

Are you a double? The thought of you always floats inside my head.

Are you a driver? coz make my presence worthful.

Are you a keyboard? Because you’re my type!

Are you a master of Powerpoint? Because I’d sure like to slide all over your deck.

Are you a monitor?, coz I can’t take off my eyes from you?

Are you a software update?

Are you a USB port? Coz I have big size 64GB Pendrive.

Are you an angel, because your texture mapping is divine!

Are you an applet? You make me feel all GUI (gooey) inside.

Are you an Excel expert because you sure spread my sheets.

Are you an exception? I bet I can catch you.

Are you an IT technician?

Are you familiar with computer science?

Are you internet? Coz it shows me connected but not by feelings

Are you into FIFO?

Are you my driver? Because you make my life worthwhile.

Are you pc keyboard? coz you look like my type?

Are you sitting on the F5 key? Cause your ass is refreshing.

Are your API welldocumented?

Are your input sanitized.

Are your pants a compressed file? Because I’d love to unzip them!

As of now, my mother doesn’t have a Facebook account so, if we were to take this thing to the next level, you wouldn’t have to worry about rejecting her inappropriate Family Request.

Ay gurl, can I implement your interface?

Baby are you a motherboard?, Cause I’d “RAM” you all night long.

Baby if my heart were a *nix box, you’d have root access.

Baby you know this junk isn’t’s firewire!

Baby you must be Google Glasses, because you augment my reality

Baby you’re so cute you made my page 404.

Baby you’re the CSS to my HTML.Girl, are you Wi-Fi? Cuz im feeling the connection!

Baby, if they made you in C, you would have a pointer to my heart.

Baby, if they made you in Java, you’d be the object of my desire.

Baby, let’s configure our hard drives in master and slave position.

Baby, there is no part of my body that is Micro or Soft.

Baby, you cast my int to a long.

Baby, you make my floppy disk turn into a hard drive

Baby, you must be running a TCP protocol, since every time I talk to you, your body gives me an acknowledgment!

Baby, you overclock my processor.

Baby, you’re the only accept state of my finite automaton.

Bc u are turning my software to hardware 🥵

Because I’m busy right now, but let’s do it tonight.

C’mon, baby, all I did was make a pull request. It’s not like I cloned her repo or anything.

Can I dereference my pointer inside your protected area?

Can i squeeze my hardware into your software

Can I stick my USB drive in your USB port?

Can you be my Action Listener? That way you notice everything that I do.

Can you be my private variable? I want to be the only one with access to you.

Cause you sure turn my software into hardware

Come to my and I’ll give you sudo access.

Coz u turn my software into hardware.

Did you know? Why I m not started(on mood), coz you don’t give me the power to the mood on.

Don’t play void with me girl, I like having my calls returned.

Every function without you will always be void of love.

Girl you’re so beautiful

Here’s my number: 0011 0011 1011 0001 0010 1000 0101

Hey babe, are you a software update?

Hey baby, did you know I am wearing a C-String?

Hey baby, there’s an OverflowException in my pants, care to handle it for me?

Hey baby, wanna go do some PUSHing and POPing…

Hey baby, what do you say to lettin’ me inject my dependency?

Hey girl, how about you Ruzzle up some grub?

Hey girl, is your name Truecaller? Because you’re totally getting my name and number.

Hey girl, want to see my Red Hat?

Hey sweetie, if you are java then you are the object of my love life.

Hey there is none of my body parts is soft neither micro

Hey, babe, how about you let me probe your ports, and you can dereference my pointer?

Hey, how ’bout I take off your cover and insert a bigger CPU.

Hey, I’m not an IT expert

Hey, my name’s Microsoft. Can I crash at your place tonight?

How about we do a little peer-to-peer saliva swapping?

How about we do some peer-to-peer sharing? Your domain or mine?

How about we go home and you handle my exception?

How about you include my header?

How do you feel about MySQL-injections?

How to find if a software engineer likes from front or back?

How’d you like to come to MySpace so I can Twitpic your Yahoo until you tweet my Tumblr and I Google all over your Facebook!

I am a boolean method whose love will always return true.

I am a BufferedReader. You input meaning into my life.

I am restless, can we go to your home and soap up? (Only works with Microsoft employees)

I am the field attribute in your class: I can’t exist unless you do.

I have 99% uptime.

I have just done a full system scan and there are definately no viruses.

I hope you’re an ISO file, because I’d like to mount you.

I think my heart just lagged.

I think you’re my compiler. My life wouldn’t start without you.

I used to think love() was abstract, until you implemented it in MyHeart.

I want all of our functions to be read/write.

I was hoping you wouldn’t block my pop-up.

I was wondering if you’d like to go back to My-Space, so I can Twitter with your Yahoo, until I Google all over your Facebook?

I’m not staring, I’m just stuck in a loop.

If I were an operating system, your process would be real-time priority.

If Internet Explorer is brave enough to ask you to be your default browser, I’m brave enough to ask you out!

If we are networks, then it must be LAN

If you are a computer then I will play(romance) with it all day.

If you were a computer program with a bug, I would valgrind you all night long.

If you were a dynamically allocated variable in a C++ program, you’d create a leak. Because I’d never delete you from my life.

If you were a temple i’d run all over you.

If you were a web browser, you’d be called a Fire-foxy lady.

Is your name Google? Because you have everything I’ve been searching for.

Is your name Wi-fi? Because I’m really feeling a connection.

Is your pant compressed folder?, coz I would like to unzip with love.

Just ask if you’re a frontend or backend XD

Mind if I run a sniffer to see if your ports are open?

My ‘up-time’ is better than BSD.

My life without you is like a computer without os.

My love for you cannot be measured with an int, not with a long, and not even with an array. It is out of bounds and infinite.

My main method is ‘public love iLoveYou().’

My name is #####, and I speak Klingon.

My servers never go down… but I do!

Need me to unzip your files?

Nice threads. Let’s go to my place and sync up? No? How about we just fork instead?

Oh you still like Laptops, the you can put yo lap on top of my dick

Oh you use IE? You must like it nice and slow.

Public class Your World extends My World.

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Recently are you sit on F5? Coz your ass was refreshing.

Roses are #FF0000, violets are #0000FF. All my base are belong to you.

That you turn my software into hardware

This must be the 8th castle because I just found my princess.

Want to see my HARD Disk? I promise it isn’t 3.5 inches and it ain’t floppy.

We can make beautiful .wav files together.

Well, now you’ve gone and killed my process.

What’s a nice girl like you doing in a chatroom like this?

When I m compiling our relationship, it shows perfect without error.

When I’m with you, all my layers are visible.

Whenever i see you, I’m like ‘not now’.

Without getting a virus?

Would you like to enjoy my laptop, I promise I don’t have any viruses…

You are god’s great programming without error.

You are my API. I want to know everything about you.

You are my initializer: without you, my life would point to nothing (null).

You are my loop condition. I keep coming back to you.

You are my methods. I am nothing without you.

You are my semicolon; always present in everything I do.

You are my superclass: you define what I can do.

You are the Apple of my i-Mac.

You are the CPU of my body.

You are the SDK in my life. I won’t compile without you.

You can put a Trojan on my Hard Drive anytime

You convert my floppy disk into a hard drive.

You defragment my life

You got me stuck on Caps Lock, if you know what I mean.

You had me at “Hello World.”

You have the nicest syntax I’ve ever seen.

You look like an exception, would love to try and catch you.

You make me want to calibrate my joystick without the latest drivers

You make my software turn into hardware!

You must be Windows 95 because you’ve got me feeling so unstable.

You still use Internet Explorer? You must like it nice and slow.

You totally spiked my traffic.

You turn my floppy disk in to a hard drive

You’ve stolen the ASCII to my heart.

You’re like the ultimate software, there’s no room for upgrades.

Your beauty rivals the graphics of Call of Duty.

Your homepage or mine?

Your love is like wireless but I will catch them from anywhere.

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