Booty Pick Up Lines

‘Cuz you’ve got a chest and a lot of booty

(Pirate Costume) That is quite a booty you’ve got there.

10 bucks says you got the best tasting booty

A life without you, would be like a computer without an OS.

All of these mad sounds, I just see your wonderful booty moving to the beat of the disc jockey.

All those curves, and me with no brakes.

Are you a cigarette? Because you got a hot butt.

Are you a doctor? Because you just cured my erectile dysfunction.

Are you a drill sergeant? Because you have my privates standing at attention.

Are you a farm girl? ‘Cause you sure know how to raise a cock.

Are you a haunted house? Because I’m going to scream when I’m in you.

Are you a magician? Because you’ve made a part of me move without even touching it.

Are you a mirror? ‘Cause I can see myself inside you.

Are you a pirate from space?

Are you a pirate? ‘Cause I’ve got a lot of seamen waiting for you!

Are you a pirate? Because I want to grab all of your booty.

Are you a raisin? Because you’re raisin my dick.

Are you an elevator? Because I’ll go up and down on you.

Are you butt dialing? Because I swear that ass is calling.

Are you butt-dialing?

Are you from Iraq? Because I like the way you Baghdad kiss up.

Are you from Tennessee? Cause you’re the only TEN I see

Are you from the ghetto? Because I’m about to ghetto hold of dat ass.

Are you from the moon? Because your physique is out of this world.

Are you my homework? Cause I’m not doing you but I definitely should be.

Are you my new boss? Because you just gave me a raise.

Are you sitting on the F5 key? Cause your ass is refreshing.

Are you smoking? (No!) Oh, yes you are!

Are your legs made of Nutella? Because I’d love to spread them!

Are your legs tired, because you’ve been running through my mind all day long.

Arrg, I’ve been searchin’ for me booty all day, but it looks like yours’ll do just fine.

Arrrg, I want to plunder your booty and treasure your chest!

Arrrr, call me a pirate and give me that booty!

As long as I have a face, you’ll have a place to sit.

Aye, now that be a booty worth plunderin’!

Because I swear that kiss is calling me

Because i’ll treasure that booty

Because that booty will be my treasure.

Because that kiss be calling me

Because your body is kicking.

Because your booty is out of this world

Because your booty Israely thick

Brrr! My hands are cold. Can I warm them in your heaving breasts?

But the only thing I’m clapping tonight are your booty cheeks

Call me a pirate…

Can you do telekinesis? Because you’ve made a part of me move without even touching it.

Can you feel the blaring music calling your body and your grandiose booty to dance tonight?

Cause I’m gonna plunder your booty.

Cause Id love to loot your booty.

Cus your booty Israeli thicc

Damn girl I’d love to kiss those beautiful, luscious lips. And the ones on your face.

Damn, if being sexy was a crime, you’d be guilty as charged

Did X mark the spot? Cause I don’t need any map to find that booty.

Did you butt-dual me?

Did you fart because you blew me away

Did you know the human body is 90% water and I’m really thirsty.

Did you sit in sugar? Because you got a sweet ass.

Dinner first, or can we go straight for dessert?

Do I know you from somewhere? Because I don’t recognize you with your clothes on

Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

Do you believe in the hereafter? Well, then I guess you know what I’m here after

Do you have a job at Dick’s? Because you’re dressed to impress!

Do you have a map? Because I’m lost in your huge boobs.

Do you have a shovel? Because I’m digging that ass!

Do you have an inhaler? Because you’ve got ass ma.

Do you have any ideas about what would look good on you? Me

Do you have any Italian in you? Would you like some?

Do you have pet insurance? Because your pussy’s getting smashed tonight.

Do you know karate? Because your body is really kicking.

Do you know what would look good on you? Me

Do you like dragons? Because I’m gonna be draggin’ my balls across your face tonight.

Do you like pudding? Because I’ll be pudding this dick in your ass.

Do you like to draw? Because I put the D in raw.

Do you like Wendy’s? Cause you’re gonna love Wendy’s nuts slap yo face!

Do you run track? Because I heard you Relay want this dick.

Do you wanna start with dinner or go straight to dessert?

Do you want to commit a sin for your next confessional?

Do you work for Papa Johns? Because you’re a fine pizza ass.

Do you work for UPS? I could have sworn I saw you checking out my package

Do your legs hurt from running through my dreams all night?

Do your lips taste as good as they look?

Does your ass have Allstate insurance? [No, why?] Well do you want it to be in good hands?

Excuse me, do you have your phone number, I seem to have lost mine

Excuse me, I am about to go masturbate and needed a name to go with the face.

Excuse me, mind if I stare at you for a minute? I want to remember your face

First, I’d like to kiss you passionately on the lips, then, I’ll move up to your belly button.

Girl, do you have a shovel in that back pocket? ‘Cause I’m digging that ass!

Girl, you got more legs than a bucket of chicken.

Girl, you’re the best performer in my diversified portfolio of booty calls.

Girl, your body is a wonderland, and I want to be Alice so that I can run around all over you.

Girl. we might be at a Pep Rally

Got me? I’ll do your body good.

Guy: Hey, are my hands cold? Girl: Why? Guy: [Reach out and gently touch her cheek]. Girl: Because your face is really hot!

Have you got the time? Because I have got the place.

Hey are you a pirate?

Hey baby, you must be a light switch, coz every time I see you, you turn me on

Hey can I get on your ship?

Hey did you fire missiles at Gaza?

Hey girl are you a pirate

Hey girl if I were British Petroleum…

Hey girl, is your name winter? Because you’ll be coming soon.

Hey girl, you make me want to be a pirate

Hey I just realized this, but you look a lot like my next girlfriend

Hey Miss, I’m a Pirate, so I was wondering if I could plunder your booty.

Hi, I’m an astronaut, and my next mission is to explore Uranus

How do you like your eggs, scrambled or fertilized?

I bet you $40 you’re gonna turn me down

I can take you to the nice place that can make you show your booty-full elegant smile tonight.

I can tell you’re into yoga, why don’t you spend a little time showing me just how flexible you are?

I could’ve called heaven and asked for an angel but I am hoping you’re a dirty devil instead.

I did not find me booty but I did find a very large chest!

I don’t think I want your babies, but I wouldn’t mind refining my baby making technique with you.

I felt I am already in love with you because I know I am blushing with my striking butt cheeks.

I have a mystery for you but I’ll give you a clue. Tonight, someone will be the special guest between my legs.

I hope I could resist but my buttocks urge me to man out and to take you to the dance floor.

I hope there’s a fireman around, cause you’re smokin’!

I imagined that the way you shake your head is similar with how you move your booty tonight.

I know milk does a body good, but baby, how much have you been drinking?

I like your hair, your eyes, your smile… I like every bone in your body… Especially mine!

I love my bed but I’d rather be in yours.

I made a bet with my friend; he told me girls hate oral, so do you wanna help me win and prove him wrong?

I must expel some seminal fluid. May I use your body?

I think I could fall madly in bed with you.

I want to dance with you underneath the midnight sky where the moon shines its own booty.

I was thinking about you and me and suddenly, out of the blue, I found myself completely undressed and hard down under. How did that happen?!

I will let nothing but latex stand between our love.

I would buy a pirate ship to find that booty.

I would sink my teeth into that booty, but they might just stay there.

I’ve been applying strict scrutiny to your booty, and it’s compelling.

I’d love to kiss those beautiful, luscious lips. And the ones on your face.

I’ll give you a nickel if you tickle my pickle

I’m a bird watcher and I’m looking for a Big Breasted Bed Thrasher. Have you seen one?

I’m no Fred Flintstone but I can make your bed rock!

I’m no weatherman but you can expect more than a few inches tonight.

I’m not feeling myself today. Can I feel you instead?

I’m not into watching sunsets, but I’d love to see you go down.

I’m not Thor, but I can be your kiss guardian.

I’m on top of things. Would you like to be one of them?

I’m typing this with one hand because my other hand is busy…

If I flip a coin, what are my chances of getting head?

If I had a garden, I’d put your tulips with mine.

If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?

If I told you that you had a great body, would you hold it against me?

If I was Alice, you would be my wonderland.

If it’s true that we are what we eat, then I could be you by morning.

If we can get along right now, I imagined ourselves as a striking couple of grandiose buttocks.

If we were together, what would you want me to do to you?

If you don’t like my kisses, you can just return them to me.

If you don’t want to have kids with me, then why don’t we just practice

If you pull out your treasure map, I’ll show you where the booty is.

In the other dimension, we can shake our booty just like how we want to dismiss our troubles.

Is there a cell phone in your back pocket? ‘Cause that ass is calling for me!

Is your name “Winter?” ‘Cause you’ll be coming soon.

Just thinking about you touching me literally turns me on.

Just to let you know, I eat the booty like groceries.

Kissing is said to be the language of love, so do you want to start a conversation with me?

Lemme plunder that booty!

Let me call the stars beneath the butt of moonlight so they can tell you how much I liked you.

Let me protect that booty

Let’s go through the night while we watch the stars dance along with their cool booty songs.

Let’s play carpenter. First we’ll get hammered, then I’ll nail you.

Make like a lazy pirate and give up the booty.

My booty call doesn’t do the walk of shame, she does the trail of tears.

My dick just died. Can I bury it in your ass?

Nice chest – now let me see that booty!

Nice pair of pants. Is it okay if I test the zipper?

One of my friends told me girls hate oral, do you wanna help me prove him wrong?

Roses are red, grass is greener, I think about you when I play with my wiener.

Roses are red, I have tons of class, therefore I’ll be eating your ass!

Roses are red, you are a cutie

Sit on my face and I’ll eat my way to your heart.

Sit on my lap and tell me the first thing that pops up

Soon you can find a lover who will be yours and will stick with you forever like a pair of butt.

Tell your boobs to stop staring at my eyes.

That outfit would look great in a crumpled heap next to my bed

That’s the finest pirate’s booty I’ve ever layed eyes on.

The FBI wants to steal my penis. Can I hide it inside you?

The only thing I was creative with today was my dirty thoughts… Guess who inspired them all?

The word of the day is legs. Let’s go back to your place and spread the word

Those clothes would look great in a crumpled heap on my bedroom floor.

Touch your toes and I will show you where the rocket goes!

Wanna go to my room and do some math? We can add a bed, subtract our clothes, divide your legs and multiply.

Want to see if you can add “has an awesome gag reflex” to your resume?

We can go into the paradise where the sunshine strikes our virtuous smiles and shiny buttocks.

We should go and built our own paradise where we can shake our booty all through the night.

Were you arrested earlier? It’s gotta be illegal to look that good

Were your parents’ bakers because that’s the juiciest pair of buns I have ever seen!

What do you think my chances are of getting a head if I flip a coin?

What is your favorite meal: Chinese, Indian or French?

What’s the difference between me and your couch? I feel better to sit on.

Why pay for a bra when I would gladly hold your boobs up all day for free?

Would you let me frack your butte until I hit an ore chasm?

Would you like to try an Australian kiss? It’s just like a French kiss, but down under.

Yarr I found this map and it led me right to yer booty!

You just topped my to-do list!

You know how to cheer me up, send me a picture of that booty

You know what I like in a girl? [What?] My dick.

You know, if I were you, I’d have sex with me.

You look so sweet you’re giving’ me a toothache

You were screaming some filthy words last night. Wanna do it again tonight?

You would be in prison if being sexy was a crime.

You’ll be screaming my name later, so remember it.

You’ll have a place to sit as long as I have a face, baby.

You’re like a termite. You’re about to get a mouth full of wood tonight.

You’re like milk, I just wanna make you part of my complete breakfast

You’re so hot even my zipper is falling for you.

You’re so hot you melt the plastic in my underwear

You’re so hot, that when I look at you I get a tan

You’ve been a bad girl. Go to my room

Your ass is so tight I want to crack my nuts on it.

Your body is a wonderland, and I want to be Alice

Your body is made up of 70% water. . .and I’m thirsty.

Your booty is asking for some cruel and unusual punishment.

Your breasts remind me of Mount Rushmore. My face should be among them.

Your Daddy must have been a baker, cause you got the nicest set of buns I’ve ever seen

Your legs are like an Oreo Cookie. I wanna split them and eat all the good stuff in the middle.

Your lips look like they need a friend. Fortunately, I have another pair.

Your smile is almost as big, warm, and lovely as my penis.

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