Best Snack Pick Up Lines

We’re not quite sure when referring to people as a ‘snack’ began, but it’s sure been used for plenty of smooth compliments and cringeworthy moments. We’ve put together a list with some of the best snack pick up lines, so you can try your luck with a new pick up line on your next date or simply for a light joke with friends.

Hey girl I wanted to take you to the movies…
But they don’t allow to bring your own snacks.

Are you a donut?
Because you’re a snack with a hole

I thought I had all the snacks I needed for quarantine but…
looks like I missed one

Hey did it hurt when you fell from that vending machine
Not because you look like a snack, but because you look like the kind of girl who will do anything for £1.50

Sorry girl I’ll have to eat you after dinner
Because you’re a snack

”Did it hurt?” “What, when I fell from heaven?”
No, the vending machine. You’re a snack”

If your left leg was lunch…and your right leg was dinner…
Can I have the snack in-between?

I’m sad, I went to go grab a snack from the fridge
And you weren’t there

Are you a goldfish?
Because you’re the snack that smiles back.

Did you put quarters in the vending machine?
Because your snack is here.

Hot Cheetos are pretty good but…
I think you might be a hotter snack

I think I might be a cannibal…
Because every time I look at you, all I see is a snack

Are you a bag of snacks?
Because I want to finish you off and lick my fingers.

Are you a Mexican snack?
Because you’re corny and cheesy.

Girl you aren’t a snack…
You’re a fine-looking three-course meal.

They call my dick spare change…
Because I use it for snacks like you

You’re so tasty that every time someone asks me what’s my favorite snack…
I show them a picture of you.

Sorry girl I’ll have to eat you after dinner…
Because you’re a snack.

Hey, is your name Snack?
‘Cus I’ll be eatin’ you every night

They say eating snacks before bed is bad for you…
But damn baby I’d eat you out all night

Hey do you know “the snack that smiles back”?
Look in the mirror and smile

Are you a Scooby Snack?
Because I would do anything to have you

So, this is our list of the best snack pick up lines, let us know what you think below and comment any other snack pick up lines you may know. Remember these pick up lines are just for fun and we cannot guarantee how successful they will be in a real-life dating situation.

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